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Hoodie Nexus Gaming

250,00 lei

Unleash your gaming spirit with the Nexus Gaming Hoodie—a fusion of style and symbolism. On the front, the intertwining texts ‘Nexus’ and ‘Gaming’ merge seamlessly, each represented in its own distinct style. ‘Nexus’ adopts a playful and relaxed display font, while ‘Gaming’ exudes seriousness with a sleek sans-serif design. Alongside these dynamic structures, two figures […]

T-Shirt Oversized Nexus BTN Supremacy

160,00 lei

Introducing the BTN Signature Tee: a tribute to the legendary captain of Nexus Gaming. Celebrating BTN’s revered status as ‘the old man’ of RMR, this shirt encapsulates his timeless wisdom and enduring prowess. With his name emblazoned alongside the moniker ‘the old man,’ this tee embraces the essence of experience, resilience, and leadership. In a […]

T-Shirt Oversized Nexus RMR Ticket

160,00 lei

Embedded within every stitch, the triumphs and hurdles of Nexus Gaming’s journey from Open Qualifiers to RMR unfold into a tangible narrative on this unique tee. Each stage is digitally imprinted on this graphic ticket, elevating this shirt into a futuristic symbol of determination, perseverance, and triumph in the competitive gaming realm.

T-Shirt Oversized Nexus LESSQQMOREPEWPEW

160,00 lei

Step into the realm of victory and resilience with the ‘LessQQMorePewPew’ Tee, immortalizing the iconic mantra born from the legendary tweet by Ragga. This phrase isn’t just a retort to the haters—it’s a testament to the unyielding spirit of perseverance and hard work. Whether you’re facing off against adversaries in the virtual arena or overcoming […]

T-Shirt Oversized Nexus Never Lose Hope

160,00 lei

Step into the future with our Nexus Gaming tee, where inspiration meets style. The front boldly declares ‘Never lose hope,’ a mantra that fuels champions. On the back, our iconic Nexus Gaming logo shines, accompanied by the empowering phrase, ‘hope was never lost.’ It’s more than just a shirt; it’s a statement of resilience, a […]